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E-DAC’s services and solutions give your school the competitive edge. Each of our offerings are customized and targeted to suit your needs and those of your key stakeholders. Drive growth by choosing E-DAC today

Parents are an integral part of School Growth, E-DAC, for the 1st time ever in India, with its innovative and unique initiatives, ensures that our partner schools build on the “Emotional Quotient” with the parents of their students and with non-school parents. This ensures greater visibility for our partner schools and trust of the parents for their child’s development and future.

Happy Learners Leads to Happy Parents. In our endeavour to make Parents of our existing Partner Schools Proud Delighted, E-DAC launches the Proud Delighted initiative. The initiative focuses on increasing the Emotional Quotient and enhancing the relationship with the parents of the students of our Partner Schools.

Reach out to the right Parents for your School. in our endeavour to make Non School Parents Eager & Delighted, E-DAC launches the Eager & Delighted initiative for its Partner Schools. The initiative focuses on showcasing the unique learning pedagogies used by our Partner School and how the ‘Overall Personality’ of the child improves, setting the foundation for their child’s Future



E-DAC offers unique and innovative solutions to ensure that the school has more impactful teachers and there is effective teaching in the classrooms

o Based on a scientifically planned learning system
o Caters to different learning styles
o Play way, sensorial approach
o Completely activity-based curriculum
o Workbooks –Storybooks, Rhyme Books, Activity Books, Alphabet Books, Number Book

o Based on a scientifically planned learning system (E-DAC) caters to different learning styles
o Sequential curriculum based on developmental milestones
o Questions based on higher order thinking skills
o Board game for each concept
o Real life projects in all classes
o Life skills approach – Thinking skills, Emotional skills and social skills.
o Board Games and Concept Books


o Skill-based, Activity-based curriculum
o Caters to different learning styles
o Comic strips for each concept linked to workbooks
o Real life projects in all classes
o Questions based on higher order thinking skills
o Life skill approach – Thinking skills, emotional skills and social skills
o Use of Graphic Organizer
o Exposure to 225 Vocations *
o Concept Books, Workbooks, Concept Based comics and Case studies


With E-DAC, you can be worry free as our team ensures effective implementation in our partner Schools. With a rich experience in training & implementation, we take pride in our commitment and efficiency for delivering excellence to our partner Schools.